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We have been trusted by many companies from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland, Austria.

STIMASZ specialises in the production, repair, installation and commissioning of machinery, equipment and whole production lines for the food industry.

Most of all, we focus on innovative solutions for machines and production lines, robust construction and reliability.

At the moment we work with businesses from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland, and Austria.

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STIMASZ manufactures machinery and equipment tailored to the specific product, used in the food processing industry. Machines, equipment and production lines we produce are delivered to the customer, commissioned, and prepared for start-up on site.

Many years of experience

The owner has worked in the food industry for 25 years, covering all stages of the professional career path.

Professional Approach

First of all, we focus on build quality and reliability of our equipment and production lines.

About Us

Focus on Innovation

Our machines are built in accordance with the prevailing trends in the European and world markets and use modern solutions which make them competitive.